Mission statement:  To advocate, act to preserve, maintain ownership and ensure awareness of African American history represented by historic and culturally significant assets (properties, murals, monuments, placards, cemeteries, archeological sites and organizations). 

Vision:  Preserve Our History


The Society to Preserve Philadelphia African American Assets (SPPAAA) will:

  • Identify historic and culturally significant real estate assets
  • Maintain and update a list of historic and culturally significant properties
  • Seek solutions and resources that provide funding for maintenance, acquisition, or sustainment
  • Facilitate identification of purchasers of endangered properties, when necessary
  • Advocate to preserve our properties and maintain African American ownership
  • Advocate to ensure representation and awareness of our history
  • Monitor the existing historic designations: (e.g. historic markers, murals, historic commission designations, etc.) City, State and National.  Encourage, submit, review or support applications for new historic designations

We will act as the “Bull Horn” when necessary

Program benefits:

  • Endangered properties threatened with limited resources would benefit through the SPPAAA facilitating connections or providing emergency resources.
  • Significant properties would achieve relevant historic designations or recognition.
  • Sympathetic purchasers would be identified for properties in transition.
  • Owners would be encouraged to know historic relevance of their properties.
  • Community will become more aware of significant assets and historic actions here in Philadelphia, many that have significance nationally and internationally.

We are an advocacy group and information resource. 

Board of Directors/Officers

President/Secretary: Deborah Gary

Treasurer: Jacqueline Wiggins

Director of Preservation Initiatives – Deborah Gary

Director of Outreach and Advocacy – Victoria Best