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Help Give Dignity to the Byberry Township African American Burial Ground

This site has no clear representation as a sacred burial ground, defining borders or signage to provide protections for those that are interred here. It is located at the edge of the Benjamin Rush State Park in Northeast Philadelphia, however it is not on park land, it is apparently on City land.

This will be a long term initiative, but now that we know about it, we are working on it.

We developed a logo to represent the burial grounds.  Embedded in the logo is the adinkra symbol – Nkyinkyim, which literally means ‘twisting.’ It is a symbol for toughness, dynamism, adaptability, and versatility.  This is a perfect representaion of what this burial ground has gone through since 1780.  

We completed an initial Land Blessing in November 2023, however, we still want the site to have a visual identity.   Until a permanent steward is identified, SPPAAA will make sure this site is cleared of overgrowth and debris.  In addition we need to provide a temporary border and temporary signage as allowed from the City or unknown owners to do this.


This project may cost hundreds of thousands.  We will seek grants to cover the bulk of this cost, except, as noted above for things we can do to oversee the current condition Our partnership with Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia has resulted in 2 grants so far.  




Update Property Database – We are currently updating and populating A database of over 500 properties across the city that have some level of historic and cultural significance to African Americans here in Philadelphia. – Prgm Asst – $600

Historic Designations Protect & Acknowledge


We plan to submit nominations for City, State and National designations of local deserving properties when requested by a property owner.  This is a time consuming process that requires a significant amount of research and document preparation. If volunteers are not available to complete these packages, we will pay for nominations to be completed.  We welcome volunteers or financial support for these projects. Our more urgent nominations will be to support owners who feel their properties are endangered by gentrification or potential demolition. City designation is the only designation that saves a property from potential demolition. – $4000

http://www.savethetannerhouse.orgSave henry O Tanner House

Support the Friends of Henry O. Tanner House – This house was endangered of potential demolition. The friends raised the initial $70000 for immediate limited stabilization.  However, the longer term goals of $300,000 – $500000 in funds is still needed to stabilize the property and purchase the property located at 2908 W. Diamond St. donate directly to them at

 SPPAAA is a Community Partner of the Friends of the Tanner a house.  We would like to provide a Donation Restoration Grant of – $2000.   Please donate to sppaaa for this and other efforts.


Provide City designated medallions for 25 properties @$75.00 Each Year = $1875

Production of 5000 African American Site Brochures = $600.00

Grant Application Fees (TBD) = $2000.00

Information Tables at Community Events = $2000.00

Funding/honorarium for historic nominations, up to 10 per year @ $1000 each = $10000

Restoration Grant Recipients @$2000.00 per quarter = $8000