Society to Preserve Philadelphia African American Assets

The Society to Preserve Philadelphia African American Assets (SPPAAA), a 501C3 organization, will act to increase awareness and advocate to preserve Philadelphia African American history as represented by historic and culturally significant assets (properties, murals, monuments, placards, cemeteries, and archeological sites).

Help out when you can and be an advocate.

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The SPPAAA Heritage Database, helps us all monitor the condition, assist the owners with resources to prioritize their care and maintenance and identify their eligibility for potential designations or recognitions. 

Ujima – Collective Work and Responsibility.

Education and awareness is key!  We can all do this with events, tours, publications, & more!

Ujaama – Cooperative Economics

 The lack of awareness is a challenge that our organization will work to address, but an added threat is the potential loss by demolition that is increasing due to gentrification in many parts of the city. Demolition of our sites is largely due to a lack of awareness or care about the significance of the property that is being erased from view. 

This is an unmarked and overgrown African American burial ground located in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This burial ground was founded by the Byberry Quaker Meeting in 1780. 243 years later, the land and stories of those buried here have all but been forgotten.

We are inviting you to the following upcoming events at the Byberry Township African American Burial Ground. 

On Sunday, Oct. 29th (1 – 2pm) & Sunday, Nov. 5th (1 – 2pm) we are organizing volunteers to clean up the Byberry Township African American Burial Ground.
**Please Note: Rain dates for cleanings will be Monday, Oct. 30th & Monday Nov. 6th.
ALSO: Participants to the cleaning are encouraged to bring their own supplies. (shears, pruners, gardening gloves, rakes, etc.)
These cleanings will be in preparation for a memorial ceremony on Nov. 12th, 2023 from 1-2pm. 
If you or anyone you know wishes to participate in the cleanings and/or the memorial ceremony, they can register using the links below!
Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! 

Our Focus Areas

Oversight - Asset Identification

Identify historic and culturally significant real estate assets. Maintain a list of these over 500 historically significant properties .


Advocate to preserve our properties


Seek solutions and resources that provide funding for maintenance or sustainment. Monitor the historic designations: (e.g. historic markers, murals, historic commission designations, etc.) City, State and National.

Education & Awareness

Act to ensure representation of our history. Increase awareness through promotion, educational programs and events.

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