Mission statement:  To act to increase education and awareness and advocate to preserve African American history as represented by historic and culturally significant assets (properties, murals, monuments, placards, cemeteries, archeological and sites.) 

Vision:  Preserve Our History


The Society to Preserve Philadelphia African American Assets (SPPAAA) will:

  • Identify historic and culturally significant real estate assets
  • Maintain and update a list of historic and culturally significant properties
  • Seek solutions and resources that provide funding for maintenance or sustainment
  • Advocate to ensure representation and awareness of our history
  • Monitor historic designations: (e.g. historic markers, murals, historic commission designations, etc.) City, State and National.  

Program benefits:

  • Community will become more aware of significant properties
  • Owners would be encouraged to know historic relevance of their properties
  • Significant properties would achieve relevant recognition
  • Endangered properties with limited resources would benefit through the SPPAAA facilitating connections or providing emergency resources.

We are an advocacy group and information resource. 

Board of Directors/Officers

Founder/President/Secretary: Deborah Gary

CoFounder – Jacqueline Wiggins

Vice President – Victoria Best

Treasurer: Ferdinand Morrison

Director of Preservation Initiatives – Deborah Gary

Director of Outreach and Advocacy – Victoria Best