Sankofa Pass – Explore African American History of Philadelphia


Explore Philadelphia with A Sankofa Pass – COMING SOON 


Sankofa is an Adinkra symbol – Sankofa is a symbol of the wisdom of learning from the past to build for the future. 

 African Americans have been a significant part of the history and culture of Philadelphia for centuries. Yet, most of that history has been lost, not told or just not known.  As such, we hope to change that.  Education is Key!!

We are honored for our visitors to come learn about the significant African American history of Philadelphia.  As a thank you for visiting with the smaller sites across the city, each site has determined their own gift.  It could be a free item or up to a 15% discount on the entry fee or purchase.

Pick up a Sankofa Pass and Explore.  The following museums, historic sites and businesses will honor your Sankofa Pass:

Museums & House Museums

ACES Veterans Museum – 5801 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144, 215-842-3742   Recognizing Blacks and minorities serving in WWII.  Home of Parker Hall, the USO for Black troops during WWII.

Johnson House . 6306 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 215-438-1768,

Lest We Forget Museum of Slavery – 5501 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 215-205-4324,

Marian Anderson Historic Residence – 762. S. Marian Anderson Way, Philadelphia, PA, 215-732-9505, – CLOSED FOR RESTORATION

Paul Robeson Historic Residence, 4951 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA, 215-747-4675,

The Colored Girls Museum,  4613 Newhall St, Philadelphia, PA, 267- 630-4438,

The Black Writers Museum, 5800 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 267-297-3078,

New Africa Center, Muslim American Museum and Archive, 4243 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 610-352-0424,


Tip Tap Copy Center/Gift Shop – 6353 Germantown Ave, T-F 11-6, Sat 11-2  (Also the SPPAAA Office location)

Passes are distributed for FREE this inaugural year.  They can be picked up ONLY at the above locations or at SPPAAA event locations/info tables.   The passes allow for one adult discount during visits from June to October. (subject to discretion of each site, this might be extended for all year)